The kitchen style reflects its owners’ personality. It is the place where we spend most of our time, and that is why it should be comfortable and well-planned. Its look often has a great influence on the atmosphere of the entire house or flat. This is the place where we want our guests to sit down and where we spend time with our family.

We offer the following range of kitchens:

Classic kitchen is a solution for people who appreciate tradition and functionality. Wood, sophisticated solutions and natural materials prevail in this type of kitchen. Despite the changing trends and styles, the minimalistic form, classic colour scheme and quality are still in fashion.
One of the characteristic features are fronts of mild colours, classic designs and ornaments. Glazed display cabinets are often used and they are perfect for spacious and well-lit interiors. The fronts are mostly in panel-frame construction, of simple shapes often finished in white, vanilla, beige or pale green colours. We also use fronts covered with transparent varnishes showing natural wood. We make fronts from MDF board as well, which is an excellent substitute for wood. Our carpenter’s shop offers the wide range of colours and types of front designs, countertops and accessories.

Modern kitchens are mostly associated with maximum simplicity. They are characterised by a bold combination of colours and unconventionally combined materials. These are functionality and simple form which make kitchens modern. In our offer you can find the examples in which cool metal interweaves with the warmth of wood and modern use of glass. Some other way to emphasise original tastes are gloss cupboard fronts. In this type of kitchens we can often see the fronts which are not equipped with any handles, and we can open them by a light press. The whole look may be completed with the aluminium profiles replacing handles, which depends on the customers’ preferences.

Stylish kitchens. The most important material for rustic style is wood or its imitation. The cupboards are stained in slightly darkened white, shades of brown, green or yellow colours. Wood is coloured unevenly in order to imitate the old look.
In this type of kitchens apart from wood we use ceramic tiles and iron and brass details. Household appliances are chosen according to the stylised look so that they match the kitchen style. Shelves or open cabinets make possible the use of the stylish tableware as a decorative element.
We make original and timeless kitchens with the special effects such as: old look, worn-out look, patination and gilt effect. Our company will make any type and shape of the kitchen.


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