We are the producers of the first class and good quality furniture MDF, wooden and veneered fronts.

We offer:

MDF fronts:
  • One-side or two-side varnished
  • Matt, semi-matt or polished gloss
  • Staining according to the colour chart : ICA, RAL, NCS
  • Special effects such as: brocade, pearl, metallic, etc.
Veneered fronts:
  • Chipboard, MDF and blockboard
  • Real wood and modified veneer
  • Staining according to the colour chart: ICA, RAL, NCS
  • Matt, semi-matt or polished gloss varnish finish
  • Staining with stain
  • Edges covered with natural veneer, possible wooden sticker
  • Patination
Wooden fronts:
    • Domestic or exotic wood
    • Polyurethane varnish finish
    • Possible staining with wood stain and polyurethane paint according to the colour chart: RAL, NCS, ICA
    • Patination

We also make:
- Simple and milled finishing slats ("crowns")
- Pilasters
- Decorative panels
- Table legs
- Decorative slats
- Bent elements

We also provide services of varnishing chosen elements.
Our offer is mainly addressed to carpenters and furniture manufacturers.
Each front is treated as standard and typical.

We encourage you to cooperate with us.


Koszalin, ul. Słowiańska 8B (See the map)


rafal@chwostek.pl +48 501 208 224
dorota@chwostek.pl +48 519 476 713


Agnieszka Chwoszczyńska +48 509 780 850
Paweł Chwoszczyński +48 509 780 860

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